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you already bring all of the ingredients for an amazing product. 
Don't cram it into a shape that doesn't fit.

Business owners are multitalented people - there’s no doubt about that. Working on and in your business comes with learning a lot of skills outside of your craft. With excellent phone cameras and apps to edit, you have a powerhouse in your pocket. 

That said, visually embodying your own brand can be hard. 

You have fractions of a second to get potential customers’ attention and encourage them to take action. Images that look like anybody’s images won’t work. Photos that feel stale to you are hard to hype up on your socials. Off-brand pics won’t speak the message you want and can confuse potential clients. 

You need clean, cohesive imagery so you can run your business with confidence. 

According to my kindergarten time capsule, I wanted to grow up to be an artist. I traded the pink smock and paint brush for overalls and a camera but 5-year-old me was onto something. 

I spent five years at the Savannah College of Art and Design, earning a BFA in Photography and a BFA in Motion Media Design. Both education tracks taught me about advertising, marketing, and using visual creative content to further goals in both spheres. 

Every brand has a personality and I love designing sessions to bring it front and center. My signature is taking elements of a story and turning them up to be the most they can be. I provide imagery that tells your whole story in the most you way possible.

Lucky you, I’m the photographer with a wide creative skillset and an imagination that just won’t quit. 

I'm an animal lover with a soft spot for dogs. 

I love color and sorting things by it.

I’m a coffee-drinker - black if hot, with a smidge of cream and sugar free syrup if cold.

I’m a plant mom and have a thriving forest despite my apartment’s limited sunlight.

Gumball Revue’s name came from my love of color, vintage design, and keeping a quarter in my wallet for when I cross paths with a gumball machine. 

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